Three qualities of the student: sincerity, intelligence, devotion

I often mentioned the qualities of the student. They’re not many. Of course, there can be many but there are some very important or three principal qualities for students to be good students. The student has to be sincere. Not [sincere to] whatever but sincere to the Dharma teachings. And the student should be intelligent – who knows the meaning of the teachings, the instructions and who knows the meanings of the conduct, different conduct of the Guru; and [should be] a dedicated listener, or sincerely listen to the teachings, listen to the speech of the Guru; not [to be] picky: [being] only dedicated to what one wants to listen and some things doesn’t want to listen then doesn’t listen. That’s not a dedicated listener. So that kind of dedicated listener is whatever, even though it’s difficult to accept and to apply, still need to apply, still need to try. That is a dedicated listener.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Guru Yoga: The Practice of Pure View”