The anger cannot perform because it's already liberated into the true nature – this is an extremly hard practice

Emptiness is the nature of the mind. Emptiness is in everything. That’s the main nature of the things. That emptiness is very pure, because there’s no stain in that emptiness. It is not obscured. There is no obscuration for that emptiness because it doesn’t contain any stain, any obscuration. It’s empty from the beginning. There’s no pollution in its nature. So, its nature is pure.
The reason for us to purify our impure perception is that we will be able to develop our pure perception. When we develop pure perception we are able to perceive things purely. So maybe samsara no longer exists. Samsara becomes the Nirvana because when you liberate your thoughts, that means liberate your anger. When you don’t find your anger, you see your anger becomes empty, the anger does not really act and doesn’t have power to create any karma because it’s already liberated into the space, into the nature. So that’s a very important practice and it’s a very difficult practice. It is not very easy to get there unless we do a lot of exercises, a lot of training. If we examine ourselves to see how self exists, then there’s no existence of the self. This is sort of very rough reasoning, not very profound reasoning. Though a very rough reason but it’s still very understandable.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Guru Yoga: The Practice of Pure View”