To maintain continuity of Dharma practice and Dharma activities is very difficult

To maintain continuity is very difficult. But naturally as human beings it is much easier to continue things of material, regular things – things of this life. It is much harder to continue Dharma activities.

One important thing is when we talk about Dharma, when we do something for Dharma the result depends very much on continuity. If you change many practices, change deities, yidams, dakinis you will get nothing. And also it becomes contradictory in between different deities. And it’s also no enough confidence, not enough devotion. Therefore, if you change many practices, that reduces strength of your practice.

Since your karmas, your aspiration have brought the practice to you should appreciate, should value it. Otherwise, things are not perfect if you don’t see the value of practice, the quality of the practice. Therefore, stability, strength of mind, confidence is the main foundation for your practice, and for you to be successful on your path.

Many great masters accomplished great results through these practices. That proves how good they are. If you thing the practice is not good enough that is only your mind’s problem, problem with your understanding. There is nothing wrong with the practice. Therefore, you should understand the value of the practice, the use of the practice. The only thing we need is to trust, to have strong, genuine, beautiful faith. It takes some time to see some improvement in our mind, improvement in our understanding of the path. Because we have great great negative karmas, not easy to get rid of that in a moment. We need to have a lot of patience to really eliminate these negative karmas.

Please continue. Otherwise you will be a big looser. Continuity is victory.


Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, Please Keep This Good Habit Of Practicing