There is Still Harmony – the Community Still Continues

Therefore, two things that are important. First thing, the translator has to try hard to have better translation and the best translation, to be better translator and the best translator. Second, people have to have to have respect more for translators. I really think so. Because people do not see the importance of translators and do not respect very much. That is something wrong. If there were no translators, no translations, you do not have any Dharma in your tradition. [It is the] same everywhere: in China, in Tibet in other countries. Because translators work so people have traditions. Before the translators appeared and worked for Dharma, there was no Dharma in Vietnam, in China, in Tibet. So the kindness of translators is a great deed to remember, to respect.

Three Qualities a Dharma Master should have (Part I)

 It’s very important for Buddist Dharma practitioners to have 3 trainings that we often mention: learning, contemplating and mediating. One must go through these three principle trainings, so that one is able to accomplish good result one is trying to accomplish. Then that training, that method we have to use in our daily practice. Whatever we have learned, whatever we have known, we have to use that in our daily practice.

Introduction To Longchen Nyingthik (Part II)

We will continue on the topic that I discussed: general meanings of Dzogpa Chenpo teachings and it is basically the same meaning as the Longchen Nyingthik teachings. I have said there were three human masters, three important, very important human masters: Garab Dojre, Guru Rinpoche, Longchenpa.

Introduction To Longchen Nyingthik (Part I)

There are quite a lot of traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and each tradition has its own ngondro practice. And ngondro practice is important for all Buddhist traditions. Maybe it is not said to be ngondro or set up as a ngondro text but the meaning is still there. As Buddhist practitioners, they are practicing the same meaning that is practiced in ngondro practice. Ngondro or preliminary practice is basically the foundation of renunciation or realization.

To Follow A Master

I already said something I want to say before Moon-lam. And I will say a few things, the same thing I already said three days ago.
First of all, our monastery, the monks, nuns, workers, everyone are happy for you to be here. I personally very much appreciate everyone’s efforts, time, energy, and the most important part is your motivation, your kindness.

What Makes A Trip Meaningful?

Welcome everyone. Your purpose to come here is for Dharma. We always mention importance of motivation. What makes Dharma real Dharma is motivation. Your motivation to come here is good and you have to carry with you the original good motivation, anywhere, anytime during the time of the Moonlam Festival. That is Dharma.

A Vibrant Feeling of a Tree Tied Up With Strings

Oh, Panchen la, the Precious One! The sky over us used to be so vast, bright and blue when you were adorned with the white shell, spreading your wings among the clouds and giving us great teachings like the sound of thunder.

Lama Sang’s Anniversary

As we know that to remember doing anniversaries of the lama through offerings and prayer ceremonies is very very important for the followers to grow pure realization and to accumulate perfect merits to bring us on the path without obstacles.