We need a non-stopping Lineage of the teachings coming from Buddha up to us

There is the mind lineage of the Buddhas, the symbol lineage of the Vidyadharas, and the oral lineage of individuals – these three groups have their own ways of to teach. Buddhas had their own ways of teaching to each other. And Vidyadharas also have their unique way of teaching. And also, ordinary people like us, we have our own way to receive teachings and to teach to others.

They are Masters because of their realization on emptiness of the mind

And then Vidyadharas, of course, means the noble ones, the high beings, high masters. So, this is the meditation of the teaching of Longchen Nyingthig practices. All the Vidyadharas of this lineage are very great, compassionate and have wisdom, and Mahasiddhas, so therefore they called Vidyadharas.

We are not able not to lie or not to do gossiping at all

Gossiping is not good really. Gossiping wastes a lot of time, a lot of energy and it really brings a lot of bad things. So no gossip or less gossip. The reason for me to say less is sometimes we are not able not to lie or not to do gossiping at all. Sometimes we still do that. But we should think “This is not okay.”

Guru not only knows you but also knows everything of you

“Kind and precious root lama who knows me.” The Guru is kind and precious because due to His kindness we’re able to receive teachings and to be taken to the correct path. “Knowing”. The Guru has to know you, because that’s the Guru and you’re His student. Still, this is not only about knowing about student, but also knowing you’re in a dangerous situation.