Putting Dharma into practice is the most important

To hear Dharma teaching is important. But to remember is more important, and to put into practice is the most important. If one doesn’t practice if one doesn’t remember then even though one hears a lot of teaching that is not useful. So what is useful, what is meaningful, is to put whatever one knows into action, into practice. Even though we call this time degeneration time, which means not good time. But there is something at this time which is special, is very good. For example, the chances to study Dharma is much more than in the past. And the conditions to study Dharma are much more convenient than in the past.

Because in the past you have to learn from someone, to follow the teacher for a long time. Now we do not have to do that any longer. And there are more conditions now: there are more books, Dharma books, and you can learn on line. So the conditions are much better now. We do not have excuses, we should not make excuses we do not have conditions to study.

In the past sometimes teachings were not open for the public. It was harder for people to have Dharma teachings. Because in order for people, for students, to study some Dharma teachings they had to go through a lot difficulties and conditions, had to have good conditions, good foundation.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “There is Still Harmony – the Community Still Continues”