These things keep people, like monks or nuns, away from the path as they never sit down

If we see carefully, we’ll see the people or the Dharma people, even the inner people of Buddha Shakyamuni like monks or nuns, are also busy. They are not busy because of practicing Dharma but doing so many other things. So, I don’t think it’s something very positive, but more like negative because these things keep people, like monks or nuns, away from the path as they never sit down. The Dharma practitioners and the people of the Buddha Shakyamuni, they are very quiet. They have a lot of time to sit down and to meditate. Now, it is the opposite of that: no time to sit down and meditate but running here and there. Of course, even we say: “Oh, I benefit people. I’m giving lectures or teachings to people and leading people to the Buddha’s path” or something like that. But the problem is that we don’t have a good foundation to do that. Obviously, we want to lead people, we want to benefit people, but before doing that, we must have a good foundation. We must have the power to do that. However, they don’t have any base or foundation while try to be busy, probably because of their demand for being famous and possessing more things. It is very common in Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism, Vietnamese Buddhism, all Buddhism everywhere. That is not really pure Dharma, but maybe it is the opposite. That’s we need to understand and be careful.


Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “We Should Know Clearly What Is Dharma What Is Not Dharma”