The differences between Sutra Yana and Tantra Yana

The differences between Sutra Yana and Tantra Yana is ME THOD. In Vajra Yana there are more options, more methods. Methods that are more simple and convenient. But in Sutra Yana unless one practices a lot, one study a lot, it is not easy to bring all the things together to practice. For example, the Four Noble Truths. This is a great teaching that takes the whole first Turning of Dharma Wheel. I mean a very large subject. But how do masters teach in Vajrayana? They bring everything together, and put all the important things together in a small way, small portions that are easy to practice, easy to understand. That is called METHOD. Vajrayana teaches have more methods and gives more convenient practices to people than Sutrayana. So this is the difference between the two traditions.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Introduction to Longchen Nyingthik (Part I)”