The nature of renunciation is differently described in Sutrayana and Tantrayana

Tantrayana, the practice of Tantrayana is based on the Sutrayanas, on renunciation. Without strong pure renunciation, it is difficult to practice both Sutrayana and Tantrayana. So, renunciation is to fully understand what is Samsara and its causes. Sometimes the nature of renunciation it described a little differently in the Sutrayana and Tantrayana. In the Sutrayana, mostly it is said Samsara is full of suffering, because of the causes of bad actions and mental kleshas. In the Tantrayana, sometimes it says to understand the nature of everything, every phenomenon is like a great Bliss and Mahasukha. The unity of great Bliss and emptiness. So, sometimes it is different. They have different ways to describe the nature of things. The reason is that the main purpose [of practice] is to destroy attachments, grasping by understanding the nature, the reality of phenomena.


Cited “Today Dzogchen is Practiced by More and More Lay People”, Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

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