The Encounter and Befriending Between Me and A Cuckoo Bird

Hungkar Dorje


On the 20th of last May, a cuckoo bird came to my garden and I brought him in my house. After several days, he became very familiar and close to us. But he wouldn’t eat anything that made us worry and we released him. And he quickly flied away and disappeared in to the distance.

Around ten days later, he showed up again at our gate. We took him in again for a few days. Just like before, he didn’t eat food and we brought him out. And he flied away to the sky, just like the first time.

In the evening of 20th June this year, the cuckoo bird came once again. One hour after been held in my arms, he left this world and passed away.

Just like that, this cuckoo came to meet me three times. Especially this time, he came to see me right for farewell. He wormed my hands, he rubbed my cheek and wormed my heart. Apart from accompanying the last moment of his life, I also wished for a reunion in the future by offering him the “si pho” prayers.


Translated from Tibetan text: Hai Losang 06-2017