Oh, Sons and Daughters of the Mountain!

Who were the real Tibetans? Were they born amongst snow and extreme cold? Tibetans were a group of eagles who enjoyed the wild games on the forest of cliffs on the high snow mountains. They are the brown wild yaks who lived in the shoulders and arms of rocky and sharp mountains. Oh, sons of brave vultures, you were! Daughters of great wild yaks, you were!

Look at us today, the descendants of the mighty ape (we Tibetans believe that our first ancestors were a male ape and a female demon who lived in a cave), we are afraid of our true colors of the snow mountains and escaping to between the villages. We are bored of the games of snow and sleeping in the low lands full of dirty airs. Is this our merits or our misfortune? Oh, ancestors! Please do not be disappointed and worried.

Anyway, midday break of today’s journey has been wonderful, thanks to all the friends.


Hungkar Dorje


Translated from Tibetan text: Hai Losang, 1.2017.