The Dependent Origination

From the tip of the swaying sapling of the sword of non – duality
Shines the firelight that burns the host of dualistic thoughts.
May Manjushri, who is the deity that end dualistic happiness and suffering,
Always dwell inseparably in the lotuses of your hearts.


Dear Thien Thi Hieu Nguyen,

I don’t have any special high view in terms of the experience and special qualities of the Dharma’s part and bhumis. However, since I was a child, I have had a strong tendency for the Dharma and had an excellent opportunity of meeting it. Moreover, I was recognized as a tulku so that since childhood I have had a title that has caused many people to be interested in me and have faith in me.

I became friends with some Vietnamese, some living in Vietnam and some not. They liked me and were good to me, so I really want to go to Vietnam and meet those friends. Now I have actually been able to go there and tour the country with you. I am deeply moved that you went to all the trouble, taking too much time and expense, to make the trip happen.

This was an opportunity for me to get to know some of you for the first time and to get to know others better. So now we have come to know each other, through having sincere, open conversations, becoming both Dharma friends and traveling companions. The account of a tour of a country is like a series of golden beads on a mala, and the experience is like looking into a crystal mirror. On each step of the journey there is something new to learn, we get new idea about the path to follow, and gain confidence in having and open mind.

I think that from our tour of the country we all learned something new, and increase our knowledge. Not only that, but we gained some insight into how much confidence we have, how stable our mind are, and how pure our hearts are.

It’s said that if there is no firm faith in the Dharma teachings of the Buddha, we won’t receive it blessing. It’s the same when in ordinary life someone who doesn’t have a stable heart has no friends they can rely on.

In Tibetan tradition a companion that one has traveled with is considered a very important friend. In the same way, you have become important traveling companions for me.

If we think of this human world of ours as being like a beautiful, vividly detailed mural, whether we can appreciate its skill and beauty depends on our own ability and nature. In fact, all things that we perceive are just the various good or bad appearances that arise through individual dependent origination. Therefore, if you make a decision based solely on your own perception, or dependent origination, it’s still difficult to know the nature of the dependent origination that other various beings have. Therefore, we should rely on each other, respect each other, be patient with each other, be kind to each other, speak from the heart to each other, be comfortable with each other, be peaceful with each other and so on. This will bring out the value, direction, beauty, and brilliance of one’s life, and you will also respect the perceptions of others, and you will plant the seeds of their happiness and welfare.

Whenever I write, I write too much, and whenever I talk, I go on for too long, so I will stop here, before you get bored.

With respect for your loyalty and your hard work, and with a prayer that your wishes be fulfilled, and that you will have perfect happiness, good fortune, long life and health.


This is offered with respect, by

(Rinpoche’s signature)


Hungkar Dorje, the wanderer from the land of snows, in a mansion of white clouds of amrita in the heart of the sky’s blue lotus, above the western land of the America.

2009 November 16th

On the flight from Orange County to Houston, Texas, USA.