When Can The ‘Running Here and There’ Be Stopped

“We have been reciting Kurukule prayers since yesterday. We are reciting the mantra of Kurukule around 5000 times and then I give a teaching on the Kurukule in the morning every day. We are repeating the offering and praise of Kurukule fifteen to twenty times in the afternoon everyday.

About some of your questions or considerations for things are important, especially about devotion. In fact, if one has a strong and real devotion to the guru, it will definitely slow down the individual from running here and there. Why so many people are always running some where? Of course, not enough knowledge and devotion but mostly devotion. They never can stop oneself from doing this until they die and they die with empty hearts and hands.

There fore, people should make everything simple once they already have something to rely on. But the problem is people don’t. Our duty is to tell people what is right and what is not, their duty is to listen. If we already try and done the duty, then now we can do just pray and wish for them to understand. That’s all we can do I think. HKR”