If we try to be dharma politician too much then in the end this is a lost game

Even though you have power, a name, a little fame and maybe a little richness, we lose when we lose our life, everything together. And not only of that, we have to go through difficulties because of our incorrect view and incorrect conducts. But at the same time, as we are too much into these things like this all the time, we don’t see ourselves “how it is like”.

To practice these profound teachings, practitioners need to meet high requirements

So, Peace and Peaceful group (laughed). It’s is a very beautiful title and even the meaning of that title is more beautiful and more important than anything else. I try to accomplish it, I try to be peaceful every day, every hour and every minute. At least, I’m trying. We have to try to be peaceful externally and internally, secretly; physically and mentally.

Buddhism is about training the mind

Buddha said that human beings are sometimes a little too much for their desires and they are a little too much selfish. And they don’t have compassion for other sentient beings or creatures like fish, like chickens, or other animals because they eat them too much. And naturally, these animals have a lot of fears when they see human beings because of our habitual tendency, our aggressiveness. I think it is true that we have a lot of fear to the so-called demons or beings that eat flesh of humans.

We see things so important then we don’t care about dharma

“Busy for something” means we are distracted by that busy thing. So, these things, material things, worldly things affect everyone. Everyone is busy for those things. “[This is destructive] in part or completely to their own peace of mind, mutual respect, even belief in the law of karma;” means [one is] distracted by these things then it destroys the understanding or the belief.

Titles will keep them busy and have no time to practice

In China and Tibet, in every school of Buddhism, of course there are “tulkus”. You know that “tulkus” means reincarnation, which means someone more important than others monk or nuns and that keeps the tulkus busy. The Tulku has naturally a lot of responsibilities that keep the Tulkus busy and maybe not to have time … Read more