To practice these profound teachings, practitioners need to meet high requirements

So, Peace and Peaceful group (laughed). It’s is a very beautiful title and even the meaning of that title is more beautiful and more important than anything else. I try to accomplish it, I try to be peaceful every day, every hour and every minute. At least, I’m trying. We have to try to be peaceful externally and internally, secretly; physically and mentally.

Nowadays lay people have excellent opportunities to practice Dzogpa Chenpo

This great secret teachings of Dzogpa Chenpo were kept in a secret way, not taught to the public very much; but according to some of the predictions given by Buddha Shakyamuni – and Vajrasattva and some deities saying that – there will be more people practicing Dzogpa Chenpa and it would be more obviously practiced by many lay people during the time like degeneration times like now and it is coming