If you listen to what your Guru says that is enough

I mentioned the importance of faith, believing or confidence, in the Dharma, the practice, in the Guru, or in the Three Jewels. That is the key to any Dharma practice. Whether you receive any blessing, any power from Guru, or Yidam, or Dakini, or Protector depends on samaya, the pure samaya between you and that Deity. Always samaya is the key to siddhis. Whether you accomplish a siddhi or not depends on how you keep your samaya. If you cannot keep the samaya correctly, you’ll never receive anything. If you can keep the samaya pure and unbroken, that is enough to accomplish great results from your practicing.

What is the meaning of samaya? Samaya is to listen. If you listen to what your Guru says that is enough. That means someone is trying to keep samaya in pure way. But if you does something and your Teacher says something else, that is not keeping samaya. So to follow the orders, the instructions exactly, what you was given, is to keep the samaya. Sometimes it is difficult. Sometimes Guru or the instructions teach you to have very pure perception for all phenomena. Do not have negative thoughts for any phenomena. This is very difficult. And one of the essences of samaya is related to Longchen Nyingthig Dzogpa Chenpo. It is not to get distracted by emotional thoughts. To remain in the non-dualistic state, to remain in that kind of state without any distractions, without any thoughts. It’s very difficult. We are not able to do that.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Devotion To Guru Rinpoche – Key To Siddhis”