Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche[1]



As a dharma student, it is very important to always remember the kindness of the Guru and to remember the instructions or the words given by the Guru and to keep them in one’s mind and to practice the meanings behind the words, the instructions in one’s life. And this is one of the main duties, main responsibilities for the Dharma students.

So, I appreciate everyone’s sincerity and devotion, loyalty to Lama Sang and I hope this relationship will bring a great benefit to one’s life, one’s practice and to come true one’s wishes and dreams related to the achievement of Dharma path.

All the important texts composed by those very high Mahasiddhas and High Beings, Noble Ones mention the importance of the Guru and the pure relationship between the guru and the student. That’s why we need to understand this and we need to try very hard to improve one’s pure view towards the guru and towards the meaning of the instructions and to improve one’s path, one’s practice through the understanding of the importance [seeing] of the reality.

All the very important instructions mention the key to the realization is a very pure and deep and unchangeable faith to the Guru and to the instructions of the guru. I think it is very important; and of course, many Sutras and many people say wisdom is the main thing for liberation. Of course, wisdom is very important, but to develop real wisdom, the fundamental or the foundation to develop, to have realization and pure wisdom is a pure devotion. Pure devotion means with no negative thoughts, with no doubts and no hesitations and no negative views but a very pure view which comes only by devotion.

The reason for me, not only me but specially me, always mentions the importance of devotion to the Buddha, to Three Jewels, to the Dharma and to the guru and lineage instructions is because it’s very important and also that’s very difficult to have. It’s not easy to just have a very pure and pure devotion. But compared to having a very deep and very profound wisdom, having pure vision and pure faith is easier.

And faith and devotion is not just a strong belief but also it has the quality of clarity. It’s like a very pure mirror that reflects that all phenomena appear clearly in the mirror. So pure devotion is like a very pure mirror that can show you the reflection of the reality of appearances. So, it is very important and it’s a little easier than to develop that profound wisdom. Of course, when you have this very profound, very pure and very subtle sort of very firm devotion then you already developed your wisdom. But there’s progress, steps that you have to take, you have to go through. So, you have to start having pure devotion first.

I think what creates unhappiness and destruction in our mind is probably when we hesitate something, when you don’t have a pure view on something then that destroys the peace in the mind and distracts the mind and therefore we are not peaceful. So, the nature of devotion is like a very calm water ocean. So, it actually has the quality to bring very great peace in our mind. That’s why we can say devotion to Buddha, Dharma, to guru’s instruction is the source of happiness and peace.

So, in the new year, I also mention to people that we should have a goal for The New Year and also this is our traditional New Year for you, for Chinese, Tibetans. In the new year, we also understand that we must achieve something for Dharma practices. We need to destroy our negative emotions as much as possible and to recognize what is mental kleshas, what is ignorance and what is jealousy as much as possible.

And also, we need to tame our minds and our negative emotions through our dharma practice as much as possible. And what is actually jealousy, how does it look when we say one is being jealous. Of course, we can say it in a very simple way. When you want to think negatively of someone, which was probably created by jealousy. And when you want to say something bad about others to try to destroy someone’s good reputation or whatever [are] their positive things, it’s real jealousy. And jealousy always comes together with anger.

And the source of that negative emotion is ignorance. So therefore, in the new year, we have a strong goal. We should have a plan to destroy these negative emotions through our good understanding, pure understanding and through our diligently practicing Dharma.

It’s good that I see you in Zoom and for the new year. I hope everything is good for you and everything you want to try to accomplish. Hopefully you will reach the high achievement of whatever your mind desires for.

I will see you again in the zoom and of course, I remember that I have to finish the Ngondro teachings and I hope that everything is good for us to finish the teachings. And I hope that you also do not lose interest of this to continue to finish and also I want [laughing] I have a mind to finish. I also want to thank you everyone, everyone’s kindness and everyone’s support of the monastery. And all the activities of the monastery are going very well and The Winter teaching is almost finished for this year. A lot of people participate in the winter teachings with devotion and your participating by recitations of the mantras and through your mind. So, we will keep everyone in our prayers and dedications and to share the good deeds.


End of an expert on 18.2.24

Transcript by Tri Kien Thanh Tinh from MP 3 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche teaching on 18.02.2024.


[1] This is Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche’s teaching on February 18, 2024. English transcript, Vietnamese translation and the title have been sent to Rinpoche for approval and blessing.