Vajrapani Practice and Corona Epidemic (Part I)

Namo Buddha Shakyamuni!

Namo Guru Padmasambhava!

Dear, dharma sisters and brothers in the U.S, in Canada, in Vietnam, in Moscow and everywhere.


How are you? I hope everyone is doing good. Everyone is doing very well with your spiritual and wordly stuff.

Because of this new infectious disease that is spreading in China, it affects a lot of people, people’s lives and people’s mood and a lot of things. and, we are practicing Buddha Dharma, specifically in our monastery we are practicing or we have been practicing wrathful form of [Vajrapani], treasure of Lama Sang reciting the mantra of this sadhana: HUNG BENZA PHAT, HUNG BENZA PHAT which is very blessful and very powerful. This got a very good history.

There were many lamas who practiced this Vajrapani, the treasure from Lama Sang and achieved great accomplishment. And around 40, 50 years ago, my place here, there was almost nothing, no hospitals and doctors.

So it was very difficult for people to see doctors and to go to hospitals and to get treatment. Therefore, the only option was to practice Buddha Dharma. And there were some people who had a strong connection to this sadhana and they had practiced and they have recited many millions of this mantra and they recovered from all kinds of disease, serious disease.

So therefore, this treasurer has great story and the real story and this [sadhana] is very special powerful, a precious jewel that was given by Guru Rinpoche to the people who are in who are suffering in this degradation times.

So therefore, I highly recommend people to practice this Vajrapani [saddana] which I believe everyone know, and a lot of people have this a text or sadhana. So please practice this and recite this manta: HUNG BENZA PHAT, HUNG BENZA PHAT. And to not only think about one self, think about a protection for oneself, but protection for others because this disease can go or can reach anywhere. So therefore, I think it is a very good idea to be careful to not to do things, to avoid doing things from harm oneself.

So we need to listen to the doctors or whatever their advice we should remember and we should follow. And at the same time, as a Buddhist people, we should remember karma and cause and effect and also Buddha Dharma three jewels. We are lucky that we have this great method to protect oneself and not only oneself, but to benefit other peoples, to protect other people from in this kind of disease. So therefore, we are very lucky. Very lucky. So please try to find that sadhana. I know that is translated in English and I believe that’s in Vietnamese, too.

So I of course, people or other lamas have their own traditions and their own ways, own practices. Of course, every practice, every ditty, every manta has a great power.

But since we have this unique jewel, unique method, a unique sadhana practice. So we should trust and we should have strong believing in our own tradition and in our own practice. And so therefore, I highly recommended to do this, to practice this. Please, everyone, accept. And everyone remember that. Thank you so much.


Hungkar Dorje

Golok, 2020.1.28


Transcript by Minh Hien and Lotsawa.