Vajrapani Practice and Corona Epidemic (Part II)

 Tashi Delek!

Tashi Delek!

Tashi Delek!

Everyone, who is participating the Varjapani practice online.

It is a very good idea to practice that specific Vajrapani practice – treasure from Lama Sang. I think a lot of people know about Lama Sang, the treasure revealer of this Vajrapani [practice]. Lama Sang was emanation of Vajrapani, of Guru Rinpoche, of Lhalung Palgyi Dorje – one of the 25 disciples of Guru Rinpoche. The purpose for Lama Sang to be here was to discover the important treasures like the wrathful form of Vajrapani. And through this treasure a lot of people accomplished very high siddhis. And [there were] people who were very sick. At that time, there was no conditions to get treatment and some of diseases were not to be cured, therefore, they had no option but to practice this Vajrapani and they recovered from those diseases. So, this practice has a good story, an interesting story.

And I have also been practicing a lot. I have recited many, many millions of this mantra. And I feel the power. And I think this is very powerful, very bless-full. Therefore, I [use it] to do many things trying to benefit people like treating sick people, blessing vajra cord to give to people, and blessing medicine to give to people. [I did] everything and it is different. That’s what people feel. That’s what people say.

Therefore, I think this Vajrapani practice is a very, very special, very, very powerful. So, I highly recommend people to practice this Vajrapani, especially people who are in the US because that coronavirus that is spreading very badly, very largely in the US. And a lot of people – more than six hundred thousand cases in the US right now.

So I think it could be very, very dangerous. As self-protection, people should try to practice, focus on this practice faithfully and diligently. Try to practice, try to recite as many mantras as possible. And not only for yourselves, but we practice this for other people, people who are already sick. We dedicate for them to be recovered very soon and people who have not gotten this virus will be able to avoid this dangerous situation.

And not only in the US, but a lot of places are in danger and people are very nervous all over the world. Therefore, it’s a good time for us to develop our bodhicita motivation and we practice this for people in the world. I think that’s the purpose for us to practice this Vajrapani. So, please do not forget about what kind of motivation we should have when we practice this practice.

And also, we should remember to dedicate this merit that we earn through this practice for the people in the world, especially in your country and your friends. That’s what I want to say. And then, of course, as a time difference here and there in the U.S. and in Tibet, I understand you try to follow the schedule here in the Yogi Center, but I recommended people. They do not try to follow exactly the schedule here because it will be too much, because you need to rest. Sleeping is very important condition for your body to keep your life against the virus. So you should rest. [Take a rest] whenever, according to your time. You should rest, eat and then relax. And do not worry too much. Do not be nervous, but focus and relax and faithfully practice to survive your body. I think this will be very, very helpful and a protective for you for you and that’s what I want to say. You don’t have to push yourself too much participating in this retreat here around this time. Maybe one week or two weeks you are practicing Vajrapani. That is good enough. Thank you so much.

I hope everything will be okay. Everyone will be save and peaceful. No more trouble with us, with this disease. Not only that, but also I hope everything will be smooth, everything will be good for everyone. Take care.


Hungkar Dorje



Translation English-Vietnamese: Lotsawa (Hieu Thien).

Transcript: Minh Hien, Lotsawa.


* The title is created by the translator for the reader’s convenience.