We want to be a real leopad: aware what is real dharma and what is not

People are fighting and competing, having jealous thoughts and so on. So, the reason for us to practice Dharma is to solve this kind of problem that is created by one’s negative thoughts. If we do not work correctly to tame or to destroy this kind of negative thoughts, there’s no reason or there’s no meaning to study Dharma for practice.

Aging Body Never Younger – Wild Mind Young For Long

It has been some years not seeing each other but we meet together today here. I think it’s something probably good. When I see everyone, everyone is a little different. And I thought about that: what is the difference? And I think it’s not getting younger; that’s what I thought. The meaning of the Buddha’s teachings is basically to accept the reality, the nature of phenomena, of life. So the nature of life is always changing, always aging, always getting to the end.