Our Samaya with Lamasang

Human life is difficult to obtain but easy to destroy. Even these very small viruses can destroy our lives. Therefore, we shouldn’t be arrogant or egotistical because nothing really belongs to us permanently, only the mind. Yet we have traveled since beginningless time with our minds without examining whether what we pick up from our mind stream is valid.

Good Motivation

This good motivation during many lifetimes is an act of kindness that has protected me, so that I recognize that I must have achieved something remarkable in those lifetimes. This is not just something that benefits myself alone; it is an instruction that benefits others and myself equally and so I still continue to bring this message of the power of good motivation to everyone.

An Examination of the Present State of Tibetan Art

The outer, inner and secret splendor of Tibet becomes brighter with each day in this world. Gradually, the people of this world are becoming more and more aware of the unique qualities of Tibetan culture. An ever-increasing number of people from all nationalities are studying and researching Tibetan culture and religion both generally and in specific details. Tibetan culture and religion are deepening the power of contemplation and study and bring peace to the mind.