Rinpoche’s Letter on 29th January 2019


To all the dharma brothers and sisters who are closely connected by karmic aspirations and affections, who are tightly holding on the white khatak of samaya:

Nowadays, people in all societies all over the world are of appreciating simpler life style which emphasizes non wasting and cleanness. Therefore, we should look upon the better examples of the proper manners and do our best to improve our manners continuously.

Our habbit of preparing all kinds of soft drinks and snacks on importance occasions, such as New Year, actually is not very good. First, these food and drinks are causing health problems for our bodies and mind brains. Second, preparing too much of these kind food and drinks doesn’t elevate our feasts in to a higher standard but it demonstrates that our shortcoming of preparing a proper banquet. It does not fit into the local customs and waste lots of money.

For instance, on the great banquets of the world leaders and business people, we can only see clean water and good quality tea and liquors, most probably not these kinds of drinks. Thus, we can see that soft drinks and snacks don’t show high standards.

Therefore, it’s very important for us to prepare clean food which are less harmful for our health for New Year and other parties, just as we once used to do.

These are my heart-felt words (advice) and everyone put on your mind for your own won benefits.




by Hungkar Dorje.