Vajrapani Practice and Corona Epidemic (Part III)



This is my sixth day**. I have only one more day tomorrow. And then I will go back to the monastery. Because people are worried about me being in this hospital. But that was not because of that corona virus am here. Because Tibet is a pretty clean, pure land for this disease; and especially government takes very good care, they control everything. Hundred percent. There is no problem here about this virus as all. So we are very safe. I want to let people know that everyone is taken care. Everything is normal now. Our life is normal. We can go to the shopping or markets, supermarket. There’s no more problem. Not like in the US right now. There are too many patients in the U.S. We know more than more than 1 million. That’s a really, really bad. It’s the one third of the whole world. So it’s too many.

But of course, this problem was mentioned in the Buddha’s time by Buddha Shakyamuni. In the Sutra Buddha mentioned the disease of the Rabbit Year or something like that. So people should practice. People should purify oneself. Not only that as there are many people. We should make a lot of confession and purification because this [disease] is due to bad actions, bad causes. As Budhist people, as compassionate people, we should practice to purify not only our negativity but negativity of all sentient beings, all beings in human realm through Vajrapani practice.

Our practice of Vajrapani has a lot of power. It has a lot of blessing. So we can purify oneself on and purify others, too. And we can dedicate merit for others so that this problem will end soon. Because Buddha’s Dharma has a lot of incredible power and blessing so we can help other human beings as well. We are not only practicing because we are very afraid of being sick, of getting this disease, but we consider others. [For] other people, therefore, we are practicing our treasure, Vajrapani text. Of course, everyone knows this is a treasure from Lama Sang. Lama Sang is a Treasure Revealer. Lama Sang was a very great master, very genuine master.

There is no question about that. Lama Sang was only like a messenger, who passed the message of Guru Rinpoche us. So that main thing is this practice. What it says in the Vajrapani sadhana? These words there directly came from Guru Rinpoche, not from Lama Sang. As I said earlier, Lama Sang was only one person who carried this message from Guru Rinpoche to us to protect us from this degenerate time, from these problems.

And like Mr Mai. He was very smart. As long as he found he was not well he practiced [this text]. And then that helped him a lot, I think. And also we did some prayers and some long life prayers for him here in the monastery. And I think that also helped him. And then he recovered very, very well. So I’m very happy and everyone is happy for him. And also, it shows the power of this sadhana, this treasure, this practice.

And of course, we have a great faith in Lama Sang and great faith in this lineage, this treasure. At the end of this text GR said if you recite 13 million of this mantra, you will reach a Buddhahood. And it also mentioned that about 100.000 people can reach a Buddhahood through this practice.

This text has such a power, such a blessing. It can be very great and beneficial for people, to bring to the liberation. So this is a real thing. Really, we can. It’s not saying empty talk, but it’s a real, meaningful. Therefore, the only thing is we need to have confidence in this practice. And we have to have a full of believing and faith in Lamas Sang, and in this sadhana and the lineage of this this treasure. We have to believe in Guru Rinpoche. It is mentioned by a many, many Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and great beings that Guru Rinpoche has the only power to protect us in this degenerate time.

So, Guru has more power than any other Buddha, other Bodhisattva to protect us in this time. So, it is true if you have enough understanding and enough devotion in Guru Rinpoche there’s no question that Guru Rinpoche will not save us, will not protect us from these dangerous things. So, we are practicing not only to avoid this disease, but to achieve Buddhahood. This is our final goal or main reason to do this practice.

And there are many, many great countless benefits for us we can achieve through this practice. Therefore, please try to practice this. And Mr. Mai and Vanessa are pretty kind and thinking of everyone. And so they organized this group of Vajrapani practice. It was very good to follow the schedule in our yogi center, in our monastery, when they’re holding this Vajrapani retreat. But then the main thing is, of course, because we are at different time [zones] it’s difficult for you to really follow the exact schedule here. Therefore, I told Mr. Mai and other people saying if it’s difficult for you, then you don’t have to follow exactly the schedule here. But you keep your practice as much as you can. And, you’ll be mindful and do you keep your practice in your heart and in your schedule.

So you will get the same result, of course. Then, of course, we because our connection or close connection, karmic connection, good connection, it’s a good to do this kind of practice activities together. With you, with me, with us, which is good, but it’s a difficult for you to keep this for all the time. So you should practice your own [time] whenever you are can. [When] it is convenient for you to practice then you practice.

Thank you so much.


The end of the excerpt


Transcript by Minh Hien and Lotsawa.


* The title is created by the translator for the convenience of the reader. This is the excerpt of the online Zoom-talk by Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche to the Vietnamese participants of Vajrapani Retreat of Yogi Center (Lungon Monastery), hosted by on 28.04.2020.

** Rinpoche has been in hospital for six days to get medical treatment for his sick knee.